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Paying Off A Car Loan Sooner
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Category:Defending Your Cash Minutes -- posted at: 9:00am EDT

Your Debt To Limit Ratio
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Category:Military Money Minutes -- posted at: 9:00am EDT

Smartphones And Taxes (AIRS 2-1-13)
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Category: -- posted at: 9:35pm EDT

Saving Money On Insurance Premiums (AIRS 1-31-13)
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Category: -- posted at: 9:33pm EDT

Do You Have Enough Life Insurance? (AIRS 1-30-13)
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Category: -- posted at: 9:32pm EDT

What's In Your Retirement Account? (AIRS 1-29-13)
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Tax Consequences Of Constantly Moving An IRA (AIRS 1-28-13)
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